October Festivities

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and October is definitely a fun month. This past weekend, friends came to visit and we went to the pumpkin patch and did hay rides, we picked out pumpkins... and then yesterday we went to the zoo with some friends. Everything sounds great but the whole time I couldn't help but feel guilty for doing these things with Isaac not being part of it all. When I went to pick Isaac up from his dad's on Sunday he asked where Lincoln got his face painted. When Javi told him, he asked if he could go too. It's such a touchy subject for me because I try so hard to explain to him that he has to go to his dad's and he will have so much fun there. But it breaks my heart that he feels like he is missing out. We've tried only planning things when we know Isaac is with us for the weekend but it just never works out. And on the other hand, that's almost unfair to Lincoln. In a perfect world, Jo and I would just constantly trade when we have stuff going on, but again, it's just not realistic. Anyway, that was just my thoughts on this weekend. It was all so much fun but there was a little something on my mind.