Motherhood and Managing College

Throughout my childhood, school was always important to me. Even through my most trying times I could count on school to get me through my days and keep my mind on something positive. But as life happens and things change I wasn't able to stay on track and get my bachelor's degree on time. A lot of time and two kids later I found myself back in school. I love my kids to pieces but there's just something about talking to 2 kids under 5 all day that got me thinking about what I could do for myself again.After careful consideration, I decided to get back into school. Partially because I was bored, partially because I have an addiction to staying busy at all times and kicking myself for it later... but mainly because I want to beat the statistics for teen moms and show my kids a better life. So, what does a typical day look like with two kids and a full load of college classes? Here's the play by play:

   7 am wake up, dress the boys and brush teeth by 7:30, Get them to the table to eat breakfast, while they're eating, I quickly get myself put together so that by time I come down I get shoes and coats put on to get Isaac, 5, off to school by 9 am. While we're gone, my younger son stays with family until I get out of school around 1 pm. When I get home, both boys have to eat lunch, we play, take my 3 fur babies out, yes, 3 dogs. In between these activities are straightening up my house, any appts we have, and trying to squeeze in a workout at cross fit before dinner. Dinner is probably between 6-7 and the boys have to get baths around 7:30-8 pm and then put to bed. Once both the boys are in bed I thoroughly clean up the messes we made throughout the day and then sit down to do any assignments I need to for school. Mondays and Wednesdays my older son has swimming and every other week I drive to New Jersey to take my son to his dad's house. Oh, and every 2 weeks add an 8 person film crew to my life.

Full house + every day stressors + schedules + occasional filming = short temper fuse.

Luckily, I have amazing people in my life that support me going back to school and will do whatever they can to help me finish. Last semester, my marriage started to fail while I continued my day to day struggles with staying on schedules, the boys and maintaining my 3.92 GPA.