I Won't Get Into Religion, But

I've never been a religious person. My absolutely perfect family (sarcasm) never went to church or talked about religion. That being said, I have never believed in a higher power, but rather I've always just believed in myself... Anyway, my husband grew up Catholic - including, but not limited to, catholic school, church, being baptized, the whole works. Religion and church is also very important to many of our friends too... So some really awesome people came into our lives within the last year that Javi and I adore and look up to so much - they invited us to church and without hesitation, Kail, the atheist decided, why not? Javi was of course into it and well, what's the harm? The first time about a month ago, I got a good message out of it. If nothing else, be the best person you can be and try to do what you can for those less fortunate around you.

The second time was this past Sunday. And for some reason it made me so emotional. Not so much the God/Jesus stuff but the actual service and what the pastor was saying - he talked about the book of Malachai and Matthew and how when things are going wrong it causes the good to become foggy and hard to see. I'm not saying that I'm a believer now, but can one go to church because they want to hear about how to be a better person overall? Sunday made me start looking at my life and want to make sure I'm always putting my best foot forward, let the negative things in life be motivators, help people around me. Life isn't always about material things, and when things are going wrong, remember to appreciate all that's healthy and right.

I know that I don't need to believe in God to be a great person but part of me wants to bring my kids up in church and for church to help me raise them to be good boys and then men always having a good heart and staying thankful and appreciative... I'm not sure where to go with this. I guess it's why they call it blogging.