Exciting News!

If you are reading this you most likely saw my post on Instagram about my EXCITING NEWS!! As many of you know my latest book Hustle & Heart is packed with not just personal advice but experiences for those making through life's challenges in not just mix of hardship but motivational messages. If you've followed me since 16 & Pregnant you know the challenges I've been faced with through the years. Hustle & Heart is a book I wrote for people just like me that have been through marriage challenges, career challenges, sexual assault, bullying, motherhood and more. It's a reminder that with a little bit of hustle and heart, you can survive anything. If you haven't had a chance to read the book please do. I got so many amazing comments the other night when I posted about so I wanted to say thank you for the support but also answer a few questions fans were asking. Before you leave a mean comment on my social media take a second to read it. It's still available for under $10 on Amazon.com and you can purchase the book and coloring book for under $20 -- total! You can buy it by clicking HERE. If you are looking to find my past books you can check out the Author page on Amazon HERE too! Make sure you stay tuned for upcoming events like signings for Hustle & Heart - maybe even a fun book party too!

In the meantime, I thank you for your continued support! For everyone who has purchased my books and followed me through the years. Before you take judgment on me please realize that this is my life and I am 100% happy; my heart is full. If you don't know me why don't you take some time to read my books which is just a peek into my life instead of judging me by the edits made on television. Just because of my decision this doesn't mean I won't graduate and my plans have changed. I still will continue to focus on school with my graduation in May, my brand, and my books.  If you've googled my name the past few weeks, the speculation of so many things have surfaced - no one knows what's true, what's false and what really goes on in my day-to-day life. Since everyone can't wait for the confirmation;  here it goes.

I am pregnant. I'm sad that I should have known that people in my life would sell me out before I was ready. Like any normal person, I want it to be a happy time. I wanted this to be a private time so I could be excited while not getting chased by paparazzi and bothered with crazy headlines. Please know this was a choice I made, I already know some won't agree but I've been showered with support by the ones I love since I found out. Why did I wait? I've had a lot of health complications leading up to this pregnancy and I was not ready to release such private information on my own just yet being that I am so high risk with this pregnancy. I didn't want to announce just to have another miscarriage and suffer through another grief.

Of course, I was filmed on the show saying I didn't want any more kids but I'm pregnant again. I know so many will have comments on this but here's the thing -- I didn't want to bring another child into a failing marriage. Shortly after I started having complications, the option of having more kids was almost taken away from me. When I started thinking long and hard, I knew I wanted more. This was the choice I made. This is the baby I thought I wasn't sure if I could have. I know this isn't an ideal situation but I know everything will be okay. And like I say in my book -- with a little bit of hustle and heart, I can and I will survive anything. Having another child is something I am so happy about and I just can't wait. My boys are so excited, those who love me are so excited, and I hope that everyone can just be happy for me during this time.

Does Jo know? 

Jo has been aware of things for a while now. He was one of the first to know because we can have adult conversations about things while he respectfully gives his opinions. We always share concerns and move forward.

Does Javi know?

Unfortunately, I never got to have a conversation with him about it.

Boy or girl?

While I'm almost half-way there, I've decided to wait until the summer to find out!

This is an exciting time for me and the ones closest to me. Tweet me baby name suggestions!

baby book: Polka Dot Print Shop  // baby blanket: Addison Belle