Dearest Haters

I've been silent for some time about all of the "talk" about me. Some of the comments on my social have been so horrible. It's frustrating to know so many are judging me by the 12 minutes they see me on television. There are two sides to every story. I refuse to sit here and bash the other person.  This isn't high school. Please don't judge me and bash me from the other side of your computer. You only know so much about my life and you don't know the whole story. Please stop bullying me over something you know nothing about.

  • What you don't see? You don't see me at school. You don't see me staying up late doing my homework. You don't hear about Isaac making high honor roll. You don't see me getting the boys in the car, getting them to school and then I head to school for the day. You don't see me coming home, getting their homework done, cooking dinner, doing baths and then working late on homework. You don't see all of the behind the scenes, everyday chaos in between the few minutes they show on the show.
  • An agreement was made, we are divorced. It's hard enough dealing with it but it's harder dealing with in the public eye. I will not sit here and go back and fourth.There are always two sides to every story.
  • I'm a Mom. I'm a Mom to two boys who I'm trying to raise the best I can. I'm a Mom working on my brand and business and I am so excited for the things to come in 2017. I'm a Mom going to school full-time. In May I'll be graduating with my Bachelor's degree is that ever discussed? No. Only the "bad" things I do and how "horrible" I treat people and what a terrible Mom I am. 
  • My boys are fine. They are happy. They are smiling. They are so beyond loved and they are just perfect.
  • I am fine with taking the bullets. I'm not airing anyone's dirty laundry and being spiteful because it doesn't benefit anyone. I believe in karma....what goes around, comes around.
  • Why don't I quit the show? The burning question. Because it's my job. It's what supports my family. It's what gives me income until I finish school. Do I think my time on the show is coming to an end? Yes. But until that time, I have to be on the show because it's my job and what pays my bills and gives me a house for my boys.

Here I am again setting the record straight. If you don't read my last post on this topic do yourself a favor and read it now right here. Please do not judge me. Before you leave a comment on my social media or tweet me remind yourself how would you feel if someone wrote that about you? You really don't know me. You aren't with me 24/7. You have no idea what I go through and deal with on a day to day basis so please don't judge me. I'm sure many of you would be really surprised if you knew all everything and I am sure all of those things will come out in time.

Now for those who have supported me I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for understanding that I am a single Mom juggling it all. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for believing me and letting me be an inspiration for you. Thank you for understanding how tv works. Thank you for understanding that you DO NOT see everything. Thank you for watching the show. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives. Thank you for the comments, tweets and DM's. I read them all and I'm so thankful for the support. I wish I could reply to them all but please know how much I appreciate them.

I hope everyone can read this and understand that I am HUMAN. I am a Mom. I am someone juggling it all. I am just like you.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."