You asked and @hayter25 answered, welcome to the first #haytertakeover !

Hello everyone, for those of you that do not know me I am Becky (with the good hair), and I am making my first guest appearance on Kail’s blog. We decided to switch some things up and have people ask me some questions and well... here are my answers…. Enjoy :)!


What is Kail best and worst habits? - @kailsteam
Best: I would say Kail’s best habbits are always striving for more for her and her boys
Worst: By far putting way to much trust in people … and cursing… a lot

How did you and Kail become friends? - @kailynlfans , @Morales_Dee
Well, one of my ex’s.

what is your favorite part about being friends with @KailLowry? - @smartashh_29
My favorite part about being friends with Kail has to be the connection that we have. We are such different people but we listen and communicate well with each other.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? - @Lipstiick_lezz
Happily married, starting a family, and just enjoying life to the fullest.

What is one of the things you girls love to do when you get together? – @MHynes33
It is interesting because Kail is not a fan of going out, meeting new people, drinking, and well that’s kind of what I live for. We also don’t get to see each other often so when we do we love to just sit down and talk or do something with the boys. Basically every time it’s me giving Kail advice and her not taking any of it J

What is your fave show to watch together? And fave thing kail cooks? - @lizy_horan_13
We don’t watch TV when we are together, and now that I think about it she has never cooked for me.

What is your favorite thing about kail? - @ksuther29
Honestly, (when she is in a good mood) we just have so much fun together. We laugh and joke around and make fun of each other (mostly me making fun of her) I hit on her and she welcomes it with open arms.

How do you find genuine friends that aren't looking for publicity? - @srmcgivney90
I think that this was directed to Kail, but I will answer this for her. She does a bad job at it.

Funniest blond moment @KailLowry has had in your presence? - @smartashh_29
Her existence.

How does she handle all the negative comments from ppl? - @DawnFroehle
How does it effect you to hear the shite kail gets as her friend do you sometimes want to scream at theese people. - @JessicaFarnham1

Everyday is different. What happened that day, how she is feeling, what’s the topic of the negative comments. I have said it before, she is tough but isn’t bulletproof. Myself over the past couple years have completely blocked off any emotional reaction to people for the most part. It really comes down to their own personal issues they are dealing with.

Were you and javi friends and if so have you been able to maintain that friendship? - @nalosi2
Javi and I were friends. Through the divorce the dynamic really changed throughout the entire friends group and we no longer have a friendship at all.

Would you date a cop? Asking for a friend. - @Defendthed9n
If this is to me – I don’t discriminate, but I am happily taken.
If this was to Kail, I would go with no she wouldn’t.

If you could roommate with anyone, friend, family, celeb, who would it be? - @updatesonkail

When is she gonna have her own cooking channel - @brosario08
I know my snaps make me look like I am a master chef but all the credit belongs to Plated

How often do you filrm? Pros and Cons?
Thinking this is to Kail but I will answer anyways. I do not film often but then again I also do not see Kail frequently, which needs to change. Time to move to NJ Kailyn. Pro’s – I like making people uncomfortable on camera Con’s Kail complaining and them catching you picking your nose

Will your delivery be filmed? Is Becky going to come see you when you have Baby Lo. - @updatesonkail , @Jaytexbmoney , @KriistyHahn
No it won’t be filmed, and I hope to make it there for the delivery

Will the baby have your last name? - @TeenMomTalk_FB
Yes, the baby will be a Hayter .. just kidding.


What you all have been waiting for….


Are you two together? - @SydneyHysell
She wishes.

Have you & Kail ever hooked up - @Chelsdeboerfans
No, she wishes.

How has it been with everything going and everybody saying that y’all are dating? - @DArealmeko
Honestly, any girl I hang out with people always assume I’m dating or hooking up with them, even my parents, I am used to it.

Why do you two pretend to date when Becky has a girlfriend? Doesn't Leah get offended? - @nellzhater
But are we pretending? …. Leah is saint.

What’s your advice to all the ladies out here with mad crushes on you? 😍🙃❤ Are you flattered? Annoyed? Thankful? Xo. - @bbgirl_dee
Someone really made a twitter account just to say this. Keep the crushes coming ladies :) 


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