How To Get My Look

I've gotten a lot of questions about my hair so I thought I'd get all the details from Nickole who helped me with my look during the live after show! You can follow her on Instagram, @jonesn2 and on Facebook she is Nickole Jones! I know so many of you asked on my snap how to get my look so here is just how she did it. 

1.  Wash and air dry hair add a mousse scrunching hair while drying. 

2. I suggest using Bumble and Bumble mousse. 

3. Once hair is completely dry wrap the hair around a 1-inch wand. 

4. I used T3 whirlwind trio 1inch attachment. 

5. Wrap the hair from the root to about 1 inch from the end.

6. Hold the end out from the iron so it doesn't curl. 

7. Follow that step on the entire head alternating directions( very important for fullness)

8. On the sides wrap the hair in a backward direction 

9. Give it a light spray with hairspray. I used Sebastian shaper in the white can. 

** alternating directions with your curls helps the hair to be fuller because all the curls don't become 1 curl