What You Don't Know About Me

While you think you might know me from the few minutes you see of me on MTV each week, I thought I would share with you some things you might not know about me!  From pet peeves to all about cream cheese! Here we go....

1.) I read texts messages and I forget to reply. 

2.) I hate talking on the phone. Please, just text me.

3.)  I add cream cheese to any recipe I can.

4.) First thing in the morning when my feet touch the floor I pee and brush my teeth.

5.) My favorite Spring drink at Starbucks is the pink drink - strawberry acai with coconut milk

6.) My biggest pet peeves! When people leave shit in the middle of the floor. When people don't keep their word on things they say they're going to do

7.) I don't wear a regular bra. I wear or a sports bra or a cami with a built in bra. I hate bras!

8.) I have too many sneakers to count. Too many sneakers! 

9.) My first car was a 2001 Nissan Sentra.

10.) I'm a ranch girl, I hate honey mustard.

11.) If money and a job were no object, I would live in Hawaii with my kids.

12.) If I could only shop in one store for the rest of my life it would be Target.

What else do you want to know? Tell me in the comments! 

Finale Special: What I Wore

Everyone is asking all about what I wore on the first part of the show last night and I thought I’d share all the details with you. It’s actually funny because I didn’t have the same outfit on for the entire time. I was originally in this black bodysuit. But I changed half way through the segment! I was just so uncomfortable! You will notice this picture from this season’s reunion, I was wearing a different outfit! Without telling anyone, I quickly ran to my room to change because I was SO uncomfortable. Here’s the details on my final look and the one everyone is asking about from the show.

Jacket: BlankNYC from Nordstrom

Grey Shirt: Nordstrom

Black Ripped Jeans: Express

Choker: Top Knot

As for my glam squad, Nickole Jones (IG:@jonesn2) is who I have to thank for my mane.  My girl Rebecca (IG:@truevirtue_beck) lined my lip with Your Lips But Better Waterproof Lip Liner Stain Spicy Nude by it Cosmetics. Over went a matte liquid lip called Cork by Dose of Color.

Here a few more pictures from last night! What did you think of the show? Leave me a comment below!

Q&A: Hustle & Heart

In honor of my book signing this weekend in Baltimore, I want to celebrate my book Hustle & Heart! If you haven’t saved the date, please make sure you do. I can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday, March 25th at noon! Get all the details in my blog post here on my book signings. Today I wanted to start the week off with something fun so I gathered up some of my favorite moms around the web for a virtual book tour! Make sure you scroll to the bottom of this blog post to see all of this awesome ladies on the internet who are celebrating my book signing this Saturday!! In the meantime, I wanted to kick it off with some of my most asked questions about Hustle & Heart. 

What made you decide on the title Hustle & Heart? 
While I was at a women’s business event in LA I saw a flyer that said Hustle and heart will set you apart… and I looked at my friend Christa and said I’m going to write a book called hustle and heart talking about my journey through school and into my career. And this flyer right here inspired it.

Does it annoy when people say you copied Kevin Hart on your title?
It does because my title had no connection or relation to anything Kevin Hart, although, my followers probably know I love him.

How did you choose what to discuss in this book?
I wanted my supporters to know how I have been feeling through everything, I also wanted them to know that my life is not 100% drama as seen on tv. I really started to see the good in things overall, even though some of my situations haven’t been ideal.

What was different about writing this book compared to Pride Over Pity?
I wrote this book in a similar way to Pride Over Pity, being that I would just write… and write and write. But with this one, I would really listen to the people around me and really hear something a professor or friend would say and think about how that applied to my life… mostly in a positive way or how could I apply this to help myself see things in a more positive.

Is there anything you wish you put in Hustle & Heart?
I don’t think there’s anything I could have added… I will just keep writing. For myself and for my supporters.

What are you most excited about your kids eventually reading in your book? The most nervous?
I’m excited for my kids to see how everything happened and how far we’ve come. Isaac was my first and so we are essentially growing up together. My hope for my kids is that they’ll see all that we’ve overcome and want to keep pushing and working hard for themselves and their families no matter the circumstances.

Do you have plans to write more?
I’m always thinking and writing, there are definitely more to come.

What do you hope your supporters take away from your book knowing?
I hope that people will read hustle & heart and understand that things aren’t always as they seem. I’m not as cold-hearted and heartless as I have come across through tv. There is a past behind who I am today and I’m working hard to better myself.

What was the most memorable part of writing the book?
There were times where I got into this writing mode and it felt like I had so much to say and just wrote and wrote and wrote. Even if it was ultimately edited out, it was really therapy for me.

What is your favorite quote in the book?
Follow your heart, but watch your step.

Why do you recommend people that watch the show to read your book?
I think there’s a lot to learn from both things. Not everything in life in black and white….. and just because someone tries to be realistic doesn’t mean their negative…. I’m so tired of people saying I’m negative.

Don’t forget to come back to my blog and Instagram every day this week. Tonight on Instagram I’ve teamed up with my favorite mom bosses for a giveaway and every day this week we will have something fun going on. Take a look below!

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Tuesday: I’m going to be asking YOU to share a photo with your book or just OF my book. You can tweet it, post on social media or your blog and tag me and come back here to the blog post that day and leave a comment too. I’m going to choose my favorite photo and the winner will be reposted this week. The winner will receive a Hustle & Heart tumbler!

Wednesday: cupcakeMAG and I will be hosting a live Twitter chat at 9:30 pm ET. You can ask questions about the book, ask questions about me, etc. and over the hour we will be doing random giveaways for those participating! Make sure you check the hashtag #hustleandheart2017 to stay up to date with the Twitter chat. Let’s get my book trending!

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Friday: I’ll be doing a live Q&A session on Facebook! Make sure you tune in to ask me questions and I will choose ONE viewer to win my book who asks me a question!

Last but not least, make sure you check out all of these awesome mamas who are celebrating my book today with a virtual book tour around the web. Head down the list to read more interviews from me and see what they have to say about my book, Hustle & Heart too!!

My Pretty New Space

A few weeks ago my friend Casi from cupcakeMAG came over and we had a painting party. She’s been helping me choose colors for my house and I am so excited to slowly be pulling it all together. I know everyone was dying to know all of the details on my living room so I wanted to share them with you. For anything in my house, I always shop Target, Wayfair, Pier 1, TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I usually just pick up things that I love!


  • Paint color in my living room and kitchen: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt
  • Couch and ottoman: Ashley Furniture
  • Fan: Lowes
  • Gallery wall framed art: personal photos and the others are from TJ Maxx
  • Fake Fig Tree in the corner: Pier 1
  • Curtains: Wayfair 
  • Pillows: So Vintage Chic (the pineapple one you all were asking about!) and the faux fur ones are from Lowes

Here are some fun behind the scenes pictures. It’s so great to see it all come together and be finished!

We haven’t hung the ruler but Casi’s heading down for a fun photo shoot on Friday so I can’t wait to get it up. The ruler for the boys was from White Loft and it’s so cute! As far as my candle warmers and candles all around my home I stock up from Scentsy! You can check out my page here and grab some of my favorites. Next up! My office and dining room…..and of course, the nursery. Casi already has big plans for re-designing all of my rooms and I can’t wait!